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Boys Framed

Asian Music Boys in Comics' Journal

Boys Framed: Asian Music Boys in Comics
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male Asian musical artists doujinshi
title or description
boys_framed is a community for any comics related to any male Asian musical artists.
These can be doujinshi, official manga, or any fan made comics.
These can feature any group ranging anywhere from J-rock to Korean boy bands, and everything in between.
As long as they're Asian, male, make music, and are in a comic, they belong here!

Our current layout is by the talented chibifuji and features artwork by the doujin-ka J@B.

These are subject to change at any time as the mods deem necessary.


1) No flaming, no heated arguments, no bashing of any of the work posted or the musical artists featured.
2) Respect your mods and fellow comm members.
3) Requests are allowed, but please check the comm memories first to make sure what you're asking for hasn't already been posted. Requests for specific comics, looking for help translating or making scanlations, or reuploads of comics posted are all allowed.
4) Any comics featuring male Asian musical artists are welcome and encouraged. This includes official comics (such as those appearing in magazines and the like), doujinshi (such as made in doujin circles in Japan), and any other fan made comics (such as made by comm members themselves). But they must be COMICS, as in including frames and panels and usually some dialougue and action. No fan art that is not part of a comic is allowed to be posted, such as cute drawings of a band's members in chibi form or a realistic portrait of an artist. As nice as that is, it's just not what this comm is for. Exceptions to this are doujinshi covers or single page spreads that are part of a larger comic.
5) You are allowed to post doujinshi covers even if you do not have the rest of the comic.
6) Yaoi is very much allowed and encouraged, but please label your posts as such and give it a rating.
7) If you do not like yaoi (homosexual relationships) do not look at the yaoi posts. That is what the label is for. No bashing of yaoi will be tolerated.
8) If you are underage and look at anything rated NC-17 we are not responsible.
9) Comics posted must have a MALE Asian musical artist as their central character. Female artists are fine as supporting characters, but comics focusing on them is not what this comm is for.
10) Comics based on dramas or movies featuring male Asian musical artists are allowed. But only if the comics feature characters that these artists brought to life. For example, doujinshi featuring the characters that Kamenashi Kazuya and Akanishi Jin played in Gokusen is allowed. The original Gokusen manga the show was based on is not allowed.
11) You are welcome to post comics as direct links to the images, thumbnails, zipfiles, or whatever is most convenient for you.
12) If you are posting a large image or many images, please put them behind an lj cut.
13) You are welcome to post as many pages of a comic in one post as you want.
14) Selling posts are allowed as long as you are selling items related to the comm's theme (dounjishi/manga directly related to Asian male musical artists)
15) When posting comics please label what you're posting following this guide. Feel free to leave some categories out if they do not apply, or add others if you want to share other info. But be sure to always at least include a rating.
type: (doujinshi, official manga, ect.)
artist/writer: (if known)
band(s)/artist(s) featured:
genre: (yaoi, comedy, romance, ect.)
pairings featured: (if any)
rating: (G, PG, PG-13, R, NC-17)
warnings: (if any) (bondage, shouta, non-con, ect.)
credits: (if known, if you're posting someone else's scans or scanlations)
any other notes:

Other things to note:
-Usually the bigger the scan, the better. But we understand not all comics are available in high quality.
-Feel free to help promote this comm wherever you think is appropriate. Some banners for this are available below. As we get more material, we will try and make more.
-If you like what someone posts, comment and let them know! It makes a world of difference to know what you're sharing is appreciated.
-The mods will try to add every post including manga to the memories, organized under the bands featured. If we miss any, feel free to let us know, but be patient, we have lives too.
-We've added a tag system, see the side of the main journal layout. They're not required, but recommended.
-Some posts may be locked to the comm for various reasons. Please join to view them.


theblanketfort = j-rock doujin scanlations
boys_paper = pretty boys scans
hxt = hyde x tetsu (l'arc~en~ciel)
scanlated_dj = all kinds of scanlated doujin
division89 = scanlation/fansub group focusing on Arashi and V6
cherish_dream = scanlations of some official JE manga
jrockawesome = j-rock being awesome


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title or description

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