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Doujins to sell

Hello everyone,

I sell some doujins with a friend, because we need more space for new things. :)

If you are interested jump to


Most of them are Arashi Doujins, but we have some Akame Doujins aswell. :)

I have a bunch of Doujins, and maybe I am going to sell more of them, which aren't on the list yet. So if you search for a pairing, you can ask, and I can tell you if I have something to offer. ;)
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Doujin order service

Hello everyone,

I am in Japan right now (for the next two weeks) and I will visit Mandarake to shop some doujins. I can offer you to make an order.

Just jump on my page yukitsubute for further details.

I can look for every fandom - but it's not said that I'll find the things you search for though I'll give my best. :)


Search for KAT-TUN doujinshi

This is my first post here and my English's so bad, so please forgive me ^^
I want to search some of KAT-TUN doujinshi that nyctea62442 had posted here and here but all download links were died.
So I want to ask who have these doujinshi:
- Minna no Katsuun
- Oretachi Ijou Shugi 2
- Let's KAT-TUN
- Hana no KAT-TUN
- Tenkamusou
Can you reupload for me? Thank you so much ^^

[SCANLATION] The Peaceful Days of Uepi and I

title: Boku to Uepii no Heion na Mainichi [The Peaceful days of Uepi and I]
language: English
artist/writer: various artists
band(s)/artist(s) featured: KAT-TUN
scanned/scanlated by: snow_guardian
proof reader/QC AyaAme
genre: fluff, romance and comedy
pairings featured: UeTagu (JUNDA) ONLY!~ (this is a JunDa anthology doujin)
rating: PG
any other notes: Translation may not be 100% accurate T^T but I had to translate this doujin since it’s the only JunDa doujin I’ve found that is ONLY JUNDA XD!!~ I even went beyond my skill and translated the author notes, so please read them too just to show that you appreciate my efforts XD!!~ 30+ pages of JunDa sweetness XD PLEASE SPREAD THE JUNDA RABU!!~<3<3

[Sneak Peak- the doujinka of this doujin XD]

Download it here @ my LJ